Aberrant Vol 01 SC

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(W) Rylend Grant (A/CA) Davi Leon Dias, Zsomber Huszka. David* a U.S. Army Special Operations Commander* distraught after losing his entire unit to a superhuman attack* wages an absolutely brutal one-man war on the eccentric billionaire and former superhero* Lance Cordrey* whom he believes is ultimately responsible. That is until Nelson Little* the head of a clandestine paramilitary outfit called Article 13* presents David with evidence that Cordrey may be a patsy* and David's men were killed as part of a vast and twisted government/military conspiracy. Armed with this new information* David must dismantle the machine of said conspiracy piece by human piece while coming to terms with his own mysteriously emerging superpowers and wrestling with sincere doubts about Little's trustworthiness.


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