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    Who is Namor? 0

    Black Panther: Wakanda Forever is finally coming to Disney Plus on February 1st and one of the obvious highlights ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) of the film and a long time favorite character of mine is Namor, King of Talocan. But who is this character? What are his roots in the Marvel comics mythos? There are quite a few differences in Namor’s origin and the culture of Atlantis but Namor has always been a fascinating keystone in comic history, so let’s dive in! (Haha!)

    Namor the Sub-Mariner made his first ap...

    Saturday Morning Cartoon Blues 0

    Saturday Morning Cartoon Blues

    With the age of digital streaming having brought about an end to the era of Saturday Morning Cartoons, a nostalgia shaped hole has been left in the hearts of many, myself included. All that’s left now are our old VHS or the rare DVD releases of some of our favorite cartoons growing up, but luckily comics have been there to help fill that void and continue some of our favorite characters’ adventures! Here’s a list of comics coming out now that you can find today ...

    Under-Rated Manga Series 0

    Under-Rated Manga Series 


    With a major resurgence in anime and manga there is so much to enjoy that so many get lost in the shuffle. These are a few I have enjoyed over time that I feel like don’t get enough attention. 


    Sgt. Frog is like if you took Invader Zim, and made him a frog obsessed with gundam model kits. Taking the fish out of water and alien invasion story and giving them a comedic twist. Kerero is a sergeant of elite warriors that are sent to scout out and begin the invasio...

    Super Pets: Ruff, Ruff, and Away! 0

    At long last DC's Super Pets is releasing later this month and in this article we're going to take a look at some of the Super Pets you will see in the movie and some you won't, (but maybe will! Fingers crossed!) while giving some history behind the idea. 


    Now Krypto the Super-Dog and Ace the Bat-Hound may be the most well known of the Super Pets, the idea of the team actually predates the doggie dynamic duo. Wonder Woman was actually the first hero to have a pet. Debuting in Sensation C...

    Thor: Love and Thunder Must Reads! 0

    Thor: Love and Thunder is hammering its way into the box office this week at long last and from the trailer alone it's obvious it has taken some major notes from the God of Thunder’s major storylines. I have been waiting with baited breath for this film, so here are some title recommendations to tide us all over until we can see it on the big screen.


    Thor by Jason Aaron

    Gor the God Butcher is playing a major role in the film and likewise does so in this epic written by the incomparable Ja...

    Who Are the Justice League International? 0

    Who are the Justice League International? With books like Blue and Gold releasing now and Human Target releasing in November, we can find ourselves asking who are these characters? Who are Booster Gold and Blue Beetle? Who is the Human Target and the League that is after him? You are in luck dear readers, because these characters are my absolute favorite in DC’s mythos and I can’t wait for these limited series to hit the shelves (Blue and Gold #1 is already out and it is fantastic!!). We have all these titles and more at all six of our Houston area locations in back issue and trade so be sure to add Blue and Gold and Human Target to your pull lists! BWA-HA-HA!


    Nexus: Unsung Hero
    Nexus: Unsung Hero 0

    If you know me well, you know that one of my favorite comic book characters of all time is also known as “the greatest hero never heard of,” Booster Gold. But I think another great comic book character more deserves that title, is that of the Capital Comics then Dark Horse unsung comic titan, Nexus. Nexus is the vigilante name of the conflicted but all-powerful Horatio Hellpop. The story of Nexus is one of vengeance and trying to find an inner peace in a galaxy devastated by war. The titular character has an unfathomable power, he sees the crimes of dictators and other evil doers in his dreams and carries out that justice, regardless of if the perpetrator has changed. He is cursed by mind splitting headaches and visions and the only reprieve is to pursue that blind justice across the galaxy until justice is delivered. He is a character that echoes the trials of other more famous heroes of other companies but his story still manages to remain wholly unique. He occupies the planet Ylum and houses the refugees of those who have reigned terror but he is a solitary character, who is cursed with this power and his loneliness because of his father’s own history of galactic dictatorship and his guilt about his mother’s death. It is a gorgeously drawn book by master Toth-esque artist Steve Rude and written by Mike Baron, calling to the likes of Space Ghost and Jonny Quest and it is a story of love and trying to find peace in a galaxy full of chaos. There are spies, war, romance, betrayal, laughs, and so much heart in this book it breaks my own heart that it doesn’t get the recognition it so desperately deserves. This series ran through the early eighties to late nineties and I implore you to pick up the archive editions or dig through a back-issue bin and you will not be disappointed.

    Free Comic Book Day: What to Know!
    Free Comic Book Day: What to Know! 0

    This Saturday is one of pop culture fans favorite days of the year, returning triumphantly at last: Free Comic Book Day! Free Comic Book Day has always taken place the first Saturday of May every year but due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, it was forgone entirely last year and postponed to August 14 of this year. We are beyond excited to bring back this beloved day especially for its 20th anniversary event to customers and we will be in full force at all six of our Houston area locations! Free Comic Book Day is a day for newcomers and longtime readers alike and I wanted to take the time in this blog to talk about the history of this event and what to expect for first timers and those returning to the stores for this event this weekend. We can’t wait to see you soon!



    Loki Essential Reading
    Loki Essential Reading 0

    Now if you knew me in 2011, you would know that Thor, both comics and the film, were my entire personality. The new Loki show streaming on Disney+ has 17 year old me bubbling back up to the surface so I wanted to share some must reads before this excellent series reaches its conclusion! Loki of course, the Norse God of Mischief, has been around for millennia but in Marvel Comics the prankster god has been a part of the comics mythos since 1962, and has made a major impression along the way (especially with Tom Hiddleston’s dedicated performances in over ten years’ worth of films.) This article was written 7/1/21 so the show may be over when this is posted but there is no better time than now to start your own journey into mystery with these Loki-centric titles! These are only a few of his greatest exploits as well as characters introduced in the show so please give it a read and come talk about the show with us at any of our six Houston area locations! Happy Thorsday!

    Pride Month 2021
    Pride Month 2021 0

    Pride Month may be drawing to a close but it is never too late to celebrate, especially with the wealth of LGBTQIA content being published today. This is my favorite month to write recommendations for so please come by to any of our six Houston area locations to browse our selections of these but so much more!