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    2019, December

    It's a Good Time to Like Star Wars
    It's a Good Time to Like Star Wars 0

    If you have ever had a conversation with me at the Clear Lake store you know how much the Star Wars franchise means to me and now more than ever it is a really good time to be a fan. In regard to games, films, and TV shows, there is so much amazing content being put out right now it’s so easy to get engaged in these worlds and be left wanting more. If you’ve found yourself watching or playing any of these lately and looking for more, at any Bedrock City location will have some titles to quench that thirst for similar content.

    Graphic Novels for Fans of Ghibli
    Graphic Novels for Fans of Ghibli 0

    Studio Ghibli films have inspired the imagination of viewers for over thirty years and there is almost nothing like them out there but after viewing it always makes you want to stay in those worlds for a little bit longer. In Today’s post I want to show some works available in print and that can be found in comic stores like ours to take you back to those magical places!