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    Comics and Hope

    Comics and Hope

    Our current events are some of the most trying times a lot of us have lived through and it can
    be difficult to remain optimistic for the future. But something we can all take solace in is that
    we are not in this alone. Historically, comic books have been there for us through some of the
    worst times in our modern history and remind us of a brighter tomorrow for all of humanity.
    Many of us are stuck inside overwhelmed by the whirlwind of bad news that seems never
    ending but I’ve compiled a list of graphic novels that remind us that better times are ahead for
    all of us. We here at Bedrock City Comics are here to remind you that we are here for you and
    to remind you that we are all in this together. Here’s just a few comics I recommend to remind
    you that all is not lost as long as we keep moving forward. I hope you enjoy and stay safe and
    stay strong, Bedrock Citizens!

    DC: The New Frontier OGN

    The late and great Darwyn Cooke’s masterpiece is my favorite on this entire list and if you
    haven’t had a chance to read this yet I am jealous of those of you experiencing it for the first
    time. New Frontier showcases the very best in what makes DC comics’ heroes great and takes
    all of the best of their strengths and hearts in facing a great enemy unlike that they have ever
    faced. It takes place in the “Golden Age” of comics, in a 1950’s world showcasing those who
    are now unsung heroes such as the Losers and the Blackhawks alongside the Justice League
    in fighting a culmination of evil known as the Center threatening society in one of the most
    stylish and beautifully done comics I’ve read in a long time. It reminds us of the strength we
    have as a whole when we work together and keep hope for the “new frontier” beyond the
    troubles of today. Please do yourself a favor and pick up this book!

    Ms. Marvel TP Vol. 1: No Normal

    “Good is not a thing you are, its a thing you do.” This quote is why Kamala Khan’s Ms. Marvel
    series is on this list because it encapsulates so much of what being a hero is about. Her
    struggles and goals and dreams were so relatable to me as a reader and her inspirations are
    something we can all relate to in the face of adversity. Her idol is Captain Marvel and after a
    strange accident she gains her powers and immediately goes and does the right thing. Its a
    wonderful ongoing story that readers of all ages can enjoy together!

    On a Sunbeam OGN

    Tillie Walden is a master in writing graphic novels in the young adult experience and this nearly
    600 page epic is no different. It is a sci-fi space opera-esque love story spanning over
    generations where two young women fall in love in a thematic optimistic future. It touches
    across almost every genre including adventure in space ruins and drama and romance but it
    most importantly explores our feelings about isolation and hopefulness in uncertain times.
    Absolutely a perfect book to hunker down with and ride through this storm!

    These are just a few of the stories that make comics and graphic novels so impactful and we
    have many more at our stores available through our website through this time. We can’t thank
    you our customers for your support during this time and we thank you for being part of our
    BRC family. Take care out there, snuggle in with a good comic book and we’ll make it through
    Written by Bedrock City Contributor: Victoria Flood

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