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    Richard's 10 Coolest Comics

    Richard's 10 Coolest Comics

    We've come to that point of the year now where people are wracking their minds for what to get for the people they love. So, we've asked our very own Richard Evans which 10 comics we have here in the store that he'd love to get for the holidays. As always, Richard has got good tastes.

    X-Men #1 3.5 (VG-) $5,500

    1963 - First appearance of the Original X-Men.

    Superman #5 5.5 (FN-) $2,700

    An early Superman appearance and a classic cover.

    Daredevil #1 7.5 (VF-) $5,000

    1964 - Origin and first appearance of Marvel's Daredevil.

    Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies Comics #1
    8.0 (VF) $13,500

    1941 - First comic book appearance of Bugs Bunny,
    Porky Pig, Daffy Duck, amd Elmer Fudd.

    Strange Tales #110 7.0 (FN/VF) $4,500

    First appearance of Marvel's Doctor Strange by Steve Ditko.

    Fantastic Four #48 5.0 (VG/FN) $1,200

    First appearance of Marvel's Silver Surfer and Galactus.

    Tales to Astonish #27 5.0 (VG/FN) $4,400

    First appearance of Marvel's Ant-Man.

    Showcase #22 5.5 (FN-) $6,800

    Introduction of Hal Jordan as the Green Lantern.

    Daredevil Battles Hitler #1 8.5 (VF+) $15,000

    High grade copy of the most classic World War II propoganda comic.

    Avengers #1 5.5 (FN-) $4,500

    Marvel's first regular team-up title.
    12/11/2018 10:12 PM
    Awesome set. Superman #5 is a great early cover.
    2/10/2019 11:35 AM
    good job Richard you da man!
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