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    Saturday Morning Cartoon Blues

    Saturday Morning Cartoon Blues

    With the age of digital streaming having brought about an end to the era of Saturday Morning Cartoons, a nostalgia shaped hole has been left in the hearts of many, myself included. All that’s left now are our old VHS or the rare DVD releases of some of our favorite cartoons growing up, but luckily comics have been there to help fill that void and continue some of our favorite characters’ adventures! Here’s a list of comics coming out now that you can find today at Bedrock City and we’re going to go through them together! 


    “I live again…!” It was the age of Gargoyles. Stone by day, warriors by night, and they are back in Dynamite’s new ongoing series! With the show leaving off with a lackluster third season and on a very open-ended finale, it left Goliath and the clan accepted by their new world with many more adventures to come. Written by showrunner Greg Weisman, the 2022 comic series picks up after the second season finale before Disney executives had gotten the plot completely muddled. The Manhattan Clan have gone on their own and had new adventures, while Goliath and Detective Elisa stay in Manhattan. The clan is forced back together when world threats come into play trying to steal what is most precious to them, a Gargoyle egg. With only issue one out currently at time of writing, I can say for sure I am excited to see what the new adventures are in store for our friendly neighborhood Gargoyles.


    Let’s get dangerous! Darkwing is also back with a new Dynamite series, and I’m so excited to read the new series later this month and follow Drake Mallard’s new adventures. I am a huge fan of this winged vigilante, both of his adventures as a caped crimefighter and as a bumbling single father, this was my favorite show growing up and between Ducktales 2017 and news of a film adaptation, I am over the moon for this comic. Gracing our screens back in 1991, the ever lovable fowl was a fun addition to the Disney duck family. It mixed humor and a Batman: The Animated Series style storytelling, with routinely engaging in over the top comical fights with super villains and street criminals it was something wholly unique. While the Dynamite series won’t be the first time Darkwing has been in comic form, i cannot wait to see the terror that flaps in the night once more.

    Kicking some fin back in 1994, the Street Sharks provided a jawsome good time (for those who actually remember). This short lived cartoon series banking on the hype of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, followed four brothers who were experimented on and turned into humanoid sharks. The Sharks would go on action packed X-Games style adventures against the evil Dr. Paradigm and his gene spliced monsters. In 1996 Archie comics picked up an even shorter lived comic series with a three issue mini series that followed the first three episodes of the show. Then later another three issue, that were intended for an ongoing before getting canceled, that had further adventures. While I’m probably the only person clamoring for more Street Sharks content, this series was a staple to my Saturday Morning Cartoons. (Note, this is not a current series, just had to scratch my own nostalgia itch in this article!)


    Now, we can’t talk about Saturday morning cartoons without talking about the greatest of all time, Batman The Animated Series. Now, obviously I don’t really need to go much into the actual show. DC is now on their third season (series) of Batman The Adventure Continues. Initially a digital first, Adventures Continues serves to fill the time gap between the end of New Adventures of Batman and Batman Beyond. Reading out much like the animated series, each issue reintroduces us to villains from the cartoon and some new characters that haven’t appeared in the show. It has been a delight to read and any Batman fan should have this on their pull list. This series has also been on my mind following the untimely death of Kevin Conroy, the most famous voice of Batman and this comic has definitely been a wonder homage to his legacy. 

    These are just a few selections of how comics have continued the Saturday Morning Adventures and here’s hoping for more to come. With so many nostalgia related reboots happening right now, my hope is that we see more with the likes of Rescue Rangers, Extreme Dinosaurs, S.W.A.T Cats, and Exo Squad, but maybe that’s just me…!

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