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    Women in Comics: Brenna Thummler

    Women in Comics: Brenna Thummler

    Artist of Mariah Marsden’s adaptation of Anne of Green Gables, Brenna Thummler takes us through a haunting original tale. 

    Sheets (2018) written and illustrated by Brenna Thummler 

    Thirteen-year-old Marjorie Glatt is ghosting through life, going to school, running her family’s laundromat and coping with troubles in her family - only to have her whole life interrupted by a lonely, little ghost named Wendell.

     Right away, you’re drawn into a world of soft, bright colors as the story opens on our young heroine, Marjorie, affirming her hatred of laundry and ghosts. You soon discover that Marjorie’s life is anything but easy. She was single-handedly keeping the family business running while her her father fell deeper and deeper into depression. Amidst school bullies, a tenacious slime of a businessman trying to steal their property, and now a little ghost who is nothing but trouble, Marj is having trouble keeping her own head above water.

    Don’t be fooled by the cheerful colors! This story is as deep as it is beautiful. Thummler doesn’t waste any time diving deep into her world, introducing us to the sad, barely-together Marjorie and her biggest obstacle Wendell, the young ghost who is having trouble coming to terms with his own death, to the point where he makes up fantastical stories about being kidnapped by pirates. Wendell is drawn to Marjorie for many reasons, but least of which is her radiating loneliness, the same loneliness that made him run away from the Land of Ghosts and make a home in Marjorie’s laundromat.

    Brenna Thummler is hard at work on her next graphic novel, which you can learn more about on her website. She’s also active on Twitter.

    You can get your copy from any one of our locations for only $12.99.

    Contributer: Taryn M. Gray

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