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    Rags Morales & Arthur Suydam Signing

    Rags Morales & Arthur Suydam Signing - September 13th 5:00 -7:00PM

    Bedrock City Comic Co. is pleased to announce a signing with artists, Rag Morales & Arthur Suydam in partnership with Fandemic Tour.

    Stop by our Westheimer location on Thursday, September 13th from 5-7 PM and get your comics signed. Fans can get a jump on Morales and / or Suydam's commission list at Fandemic before anyone at Fandemic.

    Plus, you can grab some personal time often not possible at a big show.

    About the artists:

    Rags Morales’ Art Page
    Rags Morales: A veteran of the comic industry, Rags began his career with DC Comics in 1989 with the TSR licensed book Forgotten Realms. His first super hero series was "Black Condor."

    He has since worked on countless titles for DC, most notably "Identity Crisis". Other notable projects include: long runs on "JSA," "Hawkman," not to forget "Batman/Superman," "Nightwing," The New 52 and "First Wave."

    Rags has also worked with Valiant, Dark Horse, and Marvel Comics.

    From September to May, Rags also teaches at the Joe Kubert School of Cartooning and Graphic Art. He lives in eastern Pennsylvania.

    Rags will charge $5.00 per signature.

    Arthur Suydam The Zombie King
    Arthur Suydam: Award winning creator and Marvel artist Arthur Suydam’s meteoric rise to superstardom for his work for the smash hit series Marvel Zombies broke graphic novel records, immediately placing the artist in the category of comic legend.

    Suydam’s popular covers have graced the covers of Deadpool , Marvel Zombies, Dead Days, Batman, Wolverine, Fantastic Four, The Incredible Herc, X-men, Ghost Rider, Thor, Spider Girl, Black Panther, Oz Chronicles and more.

    Additional recent works include, Dynamite’s Army of Darkness, Savage Tales, Red Sonja and the smash hit Army of Darkness vs. Marvel Zombies and Raise the Dead. Past works include work on Batman vs. Predator, Conan the Barbarian, Tarzan and House of Secrets.

    Suydam will sign comics for free with a purchase of his prints.